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So that when, millions of years from now, robots have taken over the world, they will find this blog in a database somewhere, and conclude that "our systems cannot grasp the sanity of this human".
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Where’s My Holiday Spirit?

I’ve been feeling so inefficient lately. Inefficient and drained. My self-esteem’s gone down, I feel like I’m on autopilot, and my hair’s just…there, hanging from my scalp in no attractive manner.

I really need a relaxing shower and some decent sleep.

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The Price of Beauty—Are You Willing to Pay?

My class recently watched a video about foot-binding in China, and I found it quite interesting how my classmates reacted to it, considering that most of them are tolerant of surgical enhancements. I mean, how is forcefully distorting the size of feet for the pursuit of beauty any less gruesome than modern cosmetic surgeries done for the same purpose? If we grimace now at these recently abolished traditions, how will the people a hundred years from now react to today’s pursuits of beauty?

Just a little something to think about.

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